Staff Development Absence Request

All Staff Development days will be entered into Aesop by the designated campus/department Aesop Manager. Please allow sufficient time for your request to be processed. If you do not see the Staff Development Day recorded in Aesop or have not received confirmation that the absence has been processed, please follow up with the designated campus manager.

Notes -
In-District Training: Instructors will take attendance at the end of the class. If you did not sign the attendance roster, a personal leave day will be deducted.
Out of District Training: Please retain the training certificate for auditing purposes.

Staff Development Absence Request Form
Type of Training
District Staff Development (District Initiated)
Campus Staff Development (Principal Initiated)
Extended ARD (To be used only at the direction of K-12 Administrators)
Special Programs Staff Dev. Day (District Initiated)
Date of Training
Enter mm/dd/yy
Length of Training
Half day - AM
Half day - PM
Full day
Substitute Required
Accounting Code
You may copy and paste from email request.
Name of Training/Class
Instructor/Trainer Name
Copy and paste instructor email request or email details.
Substitute Arrangement
Please do not list a sub if they have not already agreed to work this assignment.

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