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Cynthia Cano
Phone 570-6016
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Cynthia Cano, Cox Librarian

Thanks for checking out our library page!  My name is Cynthia Cano, I'm the librarian at Cox Elementary School.  This is my 2nd year as a librarian, and I am very excited for the school year ahead.  I have an undergraduate degree in English from The University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Science degree in Information Systems from Texas A&M International University.  I received my Librarian Certification from The University of Texas at Austin in 2016.  Before I became a librarian, I worked as a high school English / Reading teacher for 3 years.  Before teaching, I was in the film/television industry for 8 years.  My goal is to help students be able to make a connection between reading, writing, and the world around them.   

I enjoy watching movies, writing stories, filmmaking, and (of course) reading.  I am honored to be able to work with the students, staff, and parents of Cox Elementary!

 Library Hours  
7:20 am - 3:30 pm  LISD Library Mission
  Our mission is to lead our school communities by fostering literacy in an environment that challenges students to IMAGINE possibilities, EXPLORE opportunities and CONNECT with the future and the world.
 Library Checkout Policy
PreK, K =1 book each week 
1st grade = 2 books each week 
2nd - 5th grade = 3 books each week
 Late Book Policy  
Students will not be able to check out a new book until all late books are returned or the replacement fee is paid.