Thanksgiving Luncheon

Thanksgiving Luncheon Serving Schedule
Thanksgiving is right around the corner and some of us have been anxiously waiting for the lunch schedule. We have provided the times for each grade level. Call the front office with any questions. Remember to allow plenty of time to find parking and for checking into the building.

Thanksgiving Feast:  Thurs., Nov. 21, 2019:

KG; 10:25-11:25 AM Café;  Lunch/Recess

1st grade 10:55-11:55 MPR;  Lunch/Recess

2nd grade 11:25-12:25 PM Café;  Lunch/Recess

3rd grade 11:45-12:45 PM MPR;  Lunch/Recess

4th grade 12:05-1:05 PM Café;  Lunch/Recess

5th grade 12:30-1:30 PM MPR.  Lunch/Recess

Visitors cost is $3.75 per person.  Please arrive early as parking will be at a premium, and you will also need to sign in at the front office with your valid ID.

Specials Schedule 45 Minute Class Periods:

KG, 1-1:45 PM

1st grade 12:00-12:45 PM

2nd grade 10:15-11:00 PM 

Specials lunch 11:00-12:00 PM

3rd grade 9:30-10:15 PM 

4th grade 8:45-9:30 PM 

5th grade 8:00-8:45 PM